What is Destination Satori?


Satori is a Zen Japanese word for the instant awakening that occurs when the body, mind, heart and spirit are in their natural state of balance and harmony. In this state we are more alert, energized, creative, and peaceful. Destination Satori’s programs and products help transform your life by facilitating a shift back to this natural state and away from old beliefs that no longer serve you. By increasing awareness, self-acceptance, and inner wisdom, you will create the natural balance needed to manifest and sustain optimal health and well-being. From our FREE Satori Wisdom messages and Good Morning Yoga Channel, to our coaching, certifications, Satori Yoga, books, DVDs, retreats, seminars, keynotes and workshops, Destination Satori gives you hands-on practical tools for making the incremental changes you need to create a deeply satisfying life.

Use these tools on your own or work with a certified Satori Lifestyle Coach. It’s exciting, rewarding and fun! So empower yourself today. CLICK HERE to take the free, no-obligation assessment and get ready to live the life of your dreams!

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    Become a Satori Yoga Teacher

    If you’re looking for a company to support you in your business of helping others, Satori Yoga training is for you! The only yoga practice with…Read More…

  • Find A Coach

    Are you ready to create the life you want? Satori Lifestyle Coaching helps you find clarity, set intentions, identify core beliefs, eliminate blocks…Read More

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    Become A Coach

    The only coaching program with its own yoga practice and marketing support so you develop a thriving practice that truly makes a difference in people’s lives…Read More

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    Satori Living Retreats

    Our seminars, workshops, keynote addresses, and other special events support the Satori Lifestyle Principles for living an optimal quality of life. Join us for a transformational weekend of insight, inspiration, and rejuvenation, and deepen your connection to the body, mind, heart, and spirit. Read More…

  • Exotic Retreats

    Expand your awareness and find inspiration at one of our replenishing week-long spiritual retreats around the world. Read More...